What Is Really Happening in Fukushima Daiichi? – Learn From Nuclear Boy

March 18, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Entire world is paying attention to this human-made monster, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and TEPCO. We all irritated and frustrated with them for not being able to understand what is really happening there, but seeing American military is withdrawing to 80km away from the plant but not 30km.


The plant was supposed to retire a month ago but TEPCO extended the lisence for another year. Now they have to pay back but the price is sky high. We all know that. 


Now I can see four, at least three destroyed buildings of the rectors. Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Dai Ichi Power Plant, JapanI don't know who can think these buildings are recoverable. We are not physicists nor nuclear experts but it's quite obvious something went wrong.


Despite of our fear and concern, TEPCO kept saying "it's OK, under control, blah, blah."


Finally, a week after,  on the 18th March, special fireservice and Japanese Self-Defence Force managed to start putting the water into the fuel pool to cool down the fuel rods, and it seems to be working.


We still don't know if this is the ending of this nightmare or it continues.


This is a little video about Fukushima nuclear plant. It's easy to understand what is happening there and what they are trying to do. It was viewed more than 60,000 people during a week.


This video was made based on a Japanese media artist, Kazuhiko Hachiya's tweet.


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