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01 Sep

Japanese TV Drama, Manhattan Love Story

Juju Kurihara 2 Comments

If you are looking for a good laugh, Manhattan Love Story is the one. I guarantee that this gives you a good feeling. Tencho who loves coffee more than anything and never speaks somehow is getting involved everyone´s love relationship including him having one.

14 Apr

M7 Quake hit Kumamoto, Kyushu

Juju Kurihara 1 Comment

Today just before 10pm in Japan, M7 earthquake hit Kumamoto region in Kyushu. Many houses are collapsed and people evacuated to near school ground or gyms. It´s still chilly in the night and people are asking for more blanket in the social media.

17 Dec

Let´s brush up your English with A5 - A5で英語力に自信をつける –

Juju Kurihara 26 Comments

英語を習いたいけど時間がない、クラスに行ったけど上手くならないという人いませんか。A5の新しい英語アプリは、ロールプレイングゲーム感覚でビジネス英語が学べます。いつでもどこでも気軽に学べるのが、忙しい人にもぴったり。今、テスターになってくれた人には、iPad Mini 4が当たるチャンスもあり!