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About US

A blog that focuses on Japanese society, culture and people. From our point of view, we want to explore why people do what they do and how they feel about it. We want to give insight into the daily lives of Japanese people from their perspectives. Through our blog posts, we hope to create a deeper understanding of the culture and people of Japan. We invite anyone interested to join us on this journey to discover the culture and people of Japan.


Iromegane is the key to understanding, giving a closer look, the Japanese culture. Japanese products are everywhere around us, but Japanese people are barely known. They might be mysterious and strange for you but, why? Iromegane will help you to fill your curiosity.

Patchwork Design

Juju Kurihara

Since 2001 she´s been wondering around the world. She crossed the pond to London as a Japanese teacher at a local primary school then found an opportunity to follow her passion, photography. She worked as a freelance portrait studio photographer in London, Sydney and Florida. She had a solo photo exhibition in London. In 2007 moved to Madrid and was discovered her calligraphy talent, which she started learning when she was 13. She had opportunities to have three exhibitions in Madrid, an collaboration with a book "El Libro de Té" and many performances for the events in different cities in Spain. In 2011, started iromegane with the programmer, Jose Antonio Pio and has been working as the editor/writer. Currently based in Berlin, Germany.    

Light and Shadow

Jose Pio

Another wanderer in this world with special passion for Japanese culture and food. Jose Antonio is the developer behind the blog and many other sites. Software developer as a profession and a Yoga practitioner by heart. Jose Antonio spends more time in a Yoga Shala than in traffic. He ha lived in Spain, Germany and spent some time in Japan. He is currently located in India and continues traveling to experience every possible culture on this planet. Besides travelling, his real passions are philosophy and discussion. When he starts talking, its better to be a good listener because he will not easily stop.

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