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What day is 22nd of February in Japan?

Updated: May 10, 2023

The 22nd of February is Neko no Hi (the day of cats) in Japan. Why?

The number 2 is pronounced as "ni" in Japanese and the 22nd of February can be written 222. In 1987, Japan Pet Food Association decided this day as a cats day. Because it can be read Nyan Nyan Nyan, yes, just like a cat meow.

neko jinja

There is a Neko Jinja (cats shrine) in Kagoshima and Kannushi (神主/ Shinto priest) prayed for the pets´ health, long life and happiness on the 22nd of February.

Besides, there were special sales and small events related to cats at many places in Japan. Some people might´ve notice that Japanese people love cats. Do you agree?

I myself love cats, I´ll tell you this secretly because my dog is right next to me and she might hear me... Sometimes I make a comment about my love for cat and most of foreign friends say "ehhhhh, of course! You are Japanese!". Until then, I didn´t realise it.

On this day, Japan Pet Food Association released the most popular 10 cats. The winner was "Neko Bus" from Totoro. I love it too, just to imagine how soft the seats would be.... sign.

kithi chan

The second winner was Kitty chan, known as Hello Kitty in the western world. She has her own wonderland in Hachiouji in Tokyo.


The third was Doraemon. By the way, to the French readers who were wondering where Jean Reno was, don´t you worry, he´s now converted to Doraemon and being loved by Japanese people.

Here is a little different way of celebrating 222 day.

In Tsu shi (津市/Tsu city) in Mie prefecture (三重県), 222 people ate a local cuisine, gyoza at 2:22:22 on the 22nd of 2 (February). To get more good luck, all 222 people faced to this year´s lucky direction, north-northwest.

Here is the video. Huge fried gyoza look good.

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