Keirou no Hi – Respect for the Aged Day

Today is Keirou no Hi in Japan. It´s a day you care about elderly people starting with your...


Kousyuuya – One Brush Dragon – is super busy

About two years ago, iromegane talked about the artist who draws a dragon with just one brush...


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  • One of the Japanese summer custom is Uchimizu. Ancient Japanese people sprinkled water on the street to cool themselves down. But how does it work? Is it just a belief?

    Posted on 30th Aug 2014 6 comments
  • Japanese people don´t speak English seems to be a common knowledge among western people. But Japan is trying and the parents too. Here a father of one has made a special card game for his daughter to learn English. Wait, this works also for those who learn Japanese, doesn´t it?

    Posted on 17th Aug 2014 0 comments
  • One day you realise you can´t lift your shoulder up. You have a pain but there is no sign of serious illness. You may have Goju Kata.

    Posted on 3rd Aug 2014 2 comments
  • Today is Doyo no Ushi no Hi in Japan. It´s the day Japanese people consume eels the most during the year to beat the summer heat. Why eels? And what does Doyo no ushi no hi means?

    Posted on 29th Jul 2014 0 comments
  • Some how many people get a little bit depressed in May. This is an actual illness called Gogatsu-byo in Japan. Why this happens and does it happen to only Japanese people?

    Posted on 2nd Jun 2014 0 comments