Let´s eat eels on the day of cow? – Doyo no Ushi no Hi

Today is Doyo no Ushi no Hi in Japan. It´s the day Japanese people consume eels the most during...


Japanese TV drama, SUIKA

I was totally addicted to this TV drama, SUIKA. Not only the location was where I grew up but also...


Think about Japan with William Hiroyuki Saito

Japan has no team work. Now I know the difference between team work and collectivity. Two books of...

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  • The last weekend of June, Japan was a little noisy. Many people gathered to protest agains the government´s recent push to Japan involve in more war. At the same time, a book “Sensou no Tsukurikara (how to make a war)” came out. What´s happening to Japan?

    Posted on 7th Jul 2014 1 comment
  • Being a women in Japanese business scene is harder than any other countries? Why? A Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly showed a few days ago showed us a little bit of reality.

    Posted on 26th Jun 2014 2 comments
  • A German filmmaker, Fritz Schumman focuses on Japan´s serious problem, Kasoka (depopulation) and made a documentary, “Valley of Dolls” captured a village where more dolls than the habitants.

    Posted on 18th Jun 2014 0 comments
  • Some how many people get a little bit depressed in May. This is an actual illness called Gogatsu-byo in Japan. Why this happens and does it happen to only Japanese people?

    Posted on 2nd Jun 2014 0 comments