Think about Japan with William Hiroyuki Saito

Japan has no team work. Now I know the difference between team work and collectivity. Two books of...


Book “How to make a war” (Sensou no tsukurikata)

The last weekend of June, Japan was a little noisy. Many people gathered to protest agains the...


Are Japanese women too nice?

Being a women in Japanese business scene is harder than any other countries? Why? A Tokyo...

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  • 5th of May is Kodomo no hi (Boys´ Day) in Japan. All parents and the families wish for their male children to grow healthy.

    Posted on 5th May 2014 0 comments
  • Apparently Japanese lie a lot, the fourth in the world. Why they lie? What is the concept of lying for Japanese? What does Uso mo Houben mean?

    Posted on 27th Apr 2014 13 comments
  • Old Japanese people say, “atsusa samusa mo higan made”. You may surprise how true this saying is. After Shunbun no Hi (21st March), suddenly the wind becomes softer.

    Posted on 28th Mar 2014 0 comments
  • Japan is a country of rain and there are several different onomatopoeias to describe the type of rain. Today here, it´s raining shito shito. Can you guess the meaning?

    Posted on 22nd Mar 2014 2 comments
  • At my home, my father made me eat a lot of fruits. I say, "made me eat" because it was literally obligation but not by my choice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, after eating full dish, he would give me for example a quarter of watermelon, a full pack of strawberries, a whole melon or a bowl-full […]

    Posted on 10th Mar 2014 0 comments