Nengajo for 2015 is now on sale in Japan

Nengajo is one of the traditional custom for the New Year´s that Japanese people still keep doing....


Japan wipes the bad name “workaholic”. No more Zangyo.

Japanese people are known as workaholic. But one of the large enterprises, Kagome has decided no...


Cat in the circle

Are you a cat lover? You realised your cat decides when and where he can be but not you? And you...

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  • I went to a screening called HAFU. Japan is a developed modern country but it seems like they are struggling to identify the identity as Japanese. Is it so important to look the same to be Japanese? It made me think to be Japanese and what is to be Japanese.

    Posted on 24th Oct 2014 0 comments
  • I was given some Ginnan (ginkgo nuts) by a neighbour. In Japan it´s common to eat it and is one of the autumn taste as well as chestnuts. It may be too nutritious so it´s better to eat not so much. Here I´ll show you how to prepare.

    Posted on 22nd Oct 2014 0 comments
  • Book review “Beginning Bonsai-The Gentle Art of Miniature Tree Growing-. Bonsai is a never-ending art project. Your goal is a perfection that probably you will not achieve in your life time and that is the beauty of it. This book helps you to step into this infinite creation hand by hand.

    Posted on 20th Oct 2014 1 comment
  • More than 70% of Japanese women are not called by her name once they become a mother. POLA made an experiment. What happens when they are called by the name instead of Mum?

    Posted on 17th Oct 2014 2 comments