17 Nov

Can Japanese married couples have separate family names?

Recently many Japanese women have higher and important posts in the society and still, when it comes to marriage, 95% of women change their family name to the husband´s. Can Japanese couple keep separate family name as a married couple?

12 Nov

11th November is Origami Day in Japan

11th of November in Japan is Origami Day. This traditional paper craft has an old history and it´s something Japanese children learn people around them as they grow. So why it´s Origami Day?

06 Nov

The meaning of shaving head in Japan

In the western society, shaving head can be cool. In Japan, it has a slightly different meaning. They shave to show their apology. Why?

29 Sep

Shishi and Komainu. What´s the difference?

When you go to a shrine in Japan, you see two lion like animals at the entrance. Actually they are two animals, a lion and a komainu. What are they? And what´s the difference?

24 Sep

Tsuru to Kame, Fashion magazine for elders

There is a free paper called Tsuru to Kame, which dedicates to promote elderly people´s fashion style in Nagano. Japan is becoming an aging society. Why not the fashion trend comes out among elder people?

21 Sep

Think about Democracy from Japanese Parliament

On the 17th of September, Japan approved the new security bill and now Japan is willing to send its army to South Sudan. The shocking part is the vote in the committee which looked nothing about democracy. Is this even legal?

08 Sep

The power of Soroban -Japanese abacus –

Nowadays we don´t see anyone using abacus so often. But when I see my mother calculating in her head quickly and accurately, I wish I had learnt even the basic. Apparently soroban is good for your brain training in many ways.

17 Aug

Where to get good Wagashi in Tokyo – Osakaya –

Do you love wagashi? There are so many sweets shops in Tokyo but I´d recommend you to try Osakaya, which has a long history and once served wagashi to the Royal Family. It´s worth visiting during your stay in Tokyo.

30 Jun

Summer clean up, eat Minazuki

Today the 30th of June, people in Kyoto eat Minazuki to purify the bad luck from the last 6 months. Why they eat it and how it started?

12 Apr

Let´s make Shiratama – Japanese cooking

The other day I was at my friend´s house and we started making Shiratama, one of the Japanese sweets. It´s similar to mochi but much easier to make as long as you have shiratama flour. Here is the recipe. Let´s try!

25 Feb

Gaijin Meet Japan – Itadakimasu!!

The 4th episode of Oleñka and Cédric. This time is all about Japanese food! What did they like? And what did they like the least?

27 Jul

Breast feeding 48 tricks among Japanese mums

While breast feeding in public is discussed in Europe, Japanese mums are talking about the posture of breast feeding. They are funny, especially the explanations of the postures.

21 Jul

Japanese in the World – Asa Shimada

This time, iromegane interviewed a Japanese dancer, Asa Shimada who lives in a small city of Iceland. What made her to dance? Why did she go to Iceland?