The real meaning of “The Woman should walk 3 steps behind her husband”

In Japan, good women should be humble and always respect their husbands. Therefore, they are taught...


Art Writer from Japan Bites Europe 2 – Barcelona, Spain

Art writer Chisai Fujita´s Europe report 2 is from Barcelona. She met a Japanese artist, Mari Ito...


Happy Momo no Sekku!

3rd of March is Momo no Sekku, also called Hinamatsuri. It´s the Girls´ Day. The houses are...

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  • 11th of February is Kenkoku Kinen no Hi in Japan. It´s the National Foundation Day and is the day Japan is divided into groups. But how?

    Posted on 12th Feb 2015 0 comments
  • When you are child, you are taught many things and some remain in you, which become an habit. Hiding the thumbs when you see a hearse is one of them.

    Posted on 4th Feb 2015 0 comments
  • When I saw a sign “jizo” in the middle of Ginza in Tokyo, I had a doubt. Because of that, I had to see it. When I came out the roof top of the department store, there was nothing but the sky of Tokyo and this jizo.

    Posted on 30th Jan 2015 1 comment
  • To be a good employee, you should know hourensou. If you don´t you should learn. But wait, what is it and do you really need it?

    Posted on 22nd Jan 2015 1 comment
  • The 10th of January was Touka Ebisu in Kyoto. It was a celebration of Ebisu-sama, a God of prosperous business and is one of the seven lucky Gods. This was my first experience at Touka Ebisu. Reported by Chisai Fujita.

    Posted on 16th Jan 2015 0 comments