20 May

Learn How To Live Quarantine Life From Samurai

Roujo was when samurai holed up themselves in the castle to protect it against the enemies. This could last months. Maybe we could learn something from them how to live this quarantine life.

09 Apr

Japanese 24 Seasons -Seimei-

Seimei is the fifth season of Japanese 24 seasons. It’s the season when new sprouts come out and everything seems to be fresh.

15 Mar

Draw Amabie to Beat Coronavirus

Recent outbreak of coronavirus is becoming our daily concern. Become panic and buy tons of toilet rolls won’t help this situation but drawing Amabie might.

09 Mar

Do Japanese People Say Sorry Too Much?

Something I am often asked is “Why Japanese people apologise so much?” Do they? Before criticising it, we need to see the Japanese society to see where this comes from.

06 Mar

Japanese 24 Seasons – Keichitsu-

From the 5th of March to the 19th of March is Keichitsu in the 24 Japanese seasons. It’s the time when all the insects wake up and come out to the surface.

28 Feb

Chashaku -Tea Scoops of the Legendary Tea Masters-

Matcha is becoming something common and popular outside of Japan and many people learn tea ceremony recently. Chashaku is one of the tool that is used for the ceremony. Let’s have a look at the grand masters tea scoops.

25 Sep

Let´s try Japanese Breakfast Market in Berlin

I was at the Japanese breakfast market in Berlin a few weeks ago and it was kind of disappointing as a Japanese. Why it´s always so crowded and expensive for such a small amount?

01 Jun

How do you wash rice?

In winter, no one wants to wash rice with cold water but some how, Japanese people are told to do so since child. Is there any particular reason? Why can we not wash it with warm water?

30 Jun

Summer clean up, eat Minazuki

Today the 30th of June, people in Kyoto eat Minazuki to purify the bad luck from the last 6 months. Why they eat it and how it started?

03 Jun

Drink and eat vinegar at Osuya in Tokyo

Do you love trying new taste and always look for a new challenge? Then try Osuya. They are specialised in vinegar and you can do a vinegar tasting, which changes your idea about vinegar.

27 Apr

History of Onigiri

Onigiri is one of the most loved snack foods in Japan. The variety is infinite. It´s also healthy comparing to other snacks. Here is a little history about onigiri.

24 Apr

Zoom Manner in Japan. True or False?

After many Japanese companies have switched to remote work, people are talking about zoom manner. Some sound real and some sound like jokes. What are those manners?

27 Mar

Japanese 24 Seasons -Shunbun-

On the 20th of March was Shunbun no Hi, Vernal Equinox Day and is the sixth seasons of the 24 seasons in Japan. When it started and what do people eat on this day?

23 Mar

Learn Japanese During Quarantine?

How are you dealing with quarantine? What do you think about practicing Japanese? There is no reason to stop keeping up your Japanese, isn’t it?

24 Feb

Japanese 24 Seasons – Usui –

On the 19th of February Usui started. The snow turns to the rain. It’s still cold outside but hints of spring is appearing.