27 Jul

Breast feeding 48 tricks among Japanese mums

While breast feeding in public is discussed in Europe, Japanese mums are talking about the posture of breast feeding. They are funny, especially the explanations of the postures.

23 Jul

Japanese drama, Fuben na Benriya

Another hilarious Japanese TV drama has just ended in Japan. Fuben na benriya. An aspiring and imaginative young script writer happened to get involved in a snowy small town in Hokkaido. After endless trouble what he learned is…

12 Jun

History of Yakuza

Yakuza is now a universal word and known as a Japanese mafia. But where they come from? How they started? Here is a little bit of history of Yakuza.

03 Jun

Drink and eat vinegar at Osuya in Tokyo

Do you love trying new taste and always look for a new challenge? Then try Osuya. They are specialised in vinegar and you can do a vinegar tasting, which changes your idea about vinegar.

29 May

Is this green or blue in Japanese?

Many things are blue instead of green in Japanese. Green traffic light is blue. Why is it? Do Japanese see the colour same as you?

21 Jul

Japanese in the World – Asa Shimada

This time, iromegane interviewed a Japanese dancer, Asa Shimada who lives in a small city of Iceland. What made her to dance? Why did she go to Iceland?

30 Jun

Summer clean up, eat Minazuki

Today the 30th of June, people in Kyoto eat Minazuki to purify the bad luck from the last 6 months. Why they eat it and how it started?

26 Jun

Is Japanese confusing to you?

After a while you learn Japanese, you feel stuck. You also feel you haven´t actually learn anything. If you do, you are not the only one. Japanese can be confusing and vague.

27 Apr

History of Onigiri

Onigiri is one of the most loved snack foods in Japan. The variety is infinite. It´s also healthy comparing to other snacks. Here is a little history about onigiri.

12 Apr

Let´s make Shiratama – Japanese cooking

The other day I was at my friend´s house and we started making Shiratama, one of the Japanese sweets. It´s similar to mochi but much easier to make as long as you have shiratama flour. Here is the recipe. Let´s try!

31 Dec

Shiwasu, the month when the masters run

Time is ticking. It´s time to say good bye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. How was your December? Busy as usual? December is called Shiwasu in Japanese because the teachers even run. Here is the last article of the year.

12 Jul

Japanese love bread

Who said Japanese don´t eat bread? Yes we do and we love it! There are so many that you will get lost to choose one.