Thank you Shinkansen, 50 year anniversary

Today is the 50th birthday of Shinkansen. Shinkansen is now becoming a world known train and after...

Japanese in the world,Professionals

Japanese in the World – Makiko Sese

Japanese in the world No.2 is a Japanese teacher / translator, Makiko Sese. She told iromegane how...


Thank you for the subscription. The Winner for the mini-calligraphy.

Thank you for subscribing to iromegane news letter. We like to announce the winner for the...

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  • It´s hard enough to remember kanji characters in Japanese. But did you know there are histories behind them and they are quite scary? This may interest you to learn Kanji in different way.

    Posted on 8th Sep 2014 2 comments
  • This book, SHODO – The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy can be enjoyed both who is interested in calligraphy and in Zen philosophy. It´s a perfect introduction for Zen.

    Posted on 4th Sep 2014 18 comments
  • Do you know what day is today? It´s Yasai no hi in Japan. Do you know why?

    Posted on 31st Aug 2014 0 comments
  • One of the Japanese summer custom is Uchimizu. Ancient Japanese people sprinkled water on the street to cool themselves down. But how does it work? Is it just a belief?

    Posted on 30th Aug 2014 6 comments
  • Japanese people don´t speak English seems to be a common knowledge among western people. But Japan is trying and the parents too. Here a father of one has made a special card game for his daughter to learn English. Wait, this works also for those who learn Japanese, doesn´t it?

    Posted on 17th Aug 2014 0 comments