What is Uchimizu? – Summer in Japan -

One of the Japanese summer custom is Uchimizu. Ancient Japanese people sprinkled water on the...


Learn Japanese with Karuta

Japanese people don´t speak English seems to be a common knowledge among western people. But Japan...


Shiju Kata/Goju Kata. How many shoulders do you have?

One day you realise you can´t lift your shoulder up. You have a pain but there is no sign of...

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  • Today is Doyo no Ushi no Hi in Japan. It´s the day Japanese people consume eels the most during the year to beat the summer heat. Why eels? And what does Doyo no ushi no hi means?

    Posted on 29th Jul 2014 0 comments
  • I was totally addicted to this TV drama, SUIKA. Not only the location was where I grew up but also I just wanted to have those friends in my life who help me to think how to live happily.

    Posted on 24th Jul 2014 0 comments
  • Japan has no team work. Now I know the difference between team work and collectivity. Two books of William Hiroyuki Saito helped me to understand Japanese society and the weakness of Japanese people.

    Posted on 16th Jul 2014 0 comments
  • The last weekend of June, Japan was a little noisy. Many people gathered to protest agains the government´s recent push to Japan involve in more war. At the same time, a book “Sensou no Tsukurikara (how to make a war)” came out. What´s happening to Japan?

    Posted on 7th Jul 2014 1 comment