22 Apr

Power of words – Kotodama -

Since ancient time, Japanese people believed kotodama, that the words have spirits. This could affect how Japanese language structured but kotodama also exist in the Western society.

14 Apr

Japanese TV series, Tokyo Bandwagon

Do you like a family story? Do you like second hand books? Then Tokyo Bandwagon is the perfect TV drama for you. Hotta family is funny, warm and full of love.

14 Mar

Funny White Day presents

It´s White Day in Japan. It´s the day Japanese men give present to the girls who gave them chocolate on the st. Valentine´s Day. What would you buy?

03 Mar

Happy Momo no Sekku!

3rd of March is Momo no Sekku, also called Hinamatsuri. It´s the Girls´ Day. The houses are decorated pretty Hina dolls and plum flowers.

27 Feb

Japanese film, Sutekina Kanashibari

The last Japanese film I saw was Sutekina Kanashibari by Kouki Mitani who is one of my favourite film director. What if you can ask a ghost to witness the crime scene? Watch this. You will have a good laugh.

30 Mar

Tokyo Cowboys

Tokyo Cowboys is a multilingual and multicultural film production company that specializes in cross-cultural entertainment and tells stories in a short film format that are distinctively Japanese.

25 Feb

Wearable tomatoes, Tomatan.

An employee of Kagome has invented with Meiwa Denki a wearable tomatoes, Tomatan to give runners enough energy and water during the race.

12 Apr

Let´s make Shiratama – Japanese cooking

The other day I was at my friend´s house and we started making Shiratama, one of the Japanese sweets. It´s similar to mochi but much easier to make as long as you have shiratama flour. Here is the recipe. Let´s try!

31 Dec

Shiwasu, the month when the masters run

Time is ticking. It´s time to say good bye to 2013 and say hello to 2014. How was your December? Busy as usual? December is called Shiwasu in Japanese because the teachers even run. Here is the last article of the year.

12 Jul

Japanese love bread

Who said Japanese don´t eat bread? Yes we do and we love it! There are so many that you will get lost to choose one.