17 Jan

What is Nijushi-Sekki, the 24 Seasons ?

Ancient Chinese and Japanese people divided the year in 24 seasons according to subtle clime changes. People still refer to Nijushi-sekki to describe the time of the year.

13 Jan

Japanese 24 Seasons -Shokan-

Have you noticed the air has got colder recently? That’s because we are now in the season of Shokan. This is one of the 24 seasons of the year.

26 Jan

Japanese in the World -Sashiko Artist, Yuko Wakaoka-

Sashiko has been used to reinforce parts of clothes or to repair worn places or tears with patches. This running stitch technique the damaged clothes stronger and warmer. Yuko Wakaoka brings out to our modern life. Have a look at these beautiful design.

25 Sep

Let´s try Japanese Breakfast Market in Berlin

I was at the Japanese breakfast market in Berlin a few weeks ago and it was kind of disappointing as a Japanese. Why it´s always so crowded and expensive for such a small amount?

17 Aug

Obon in Japan -Okuribi-

15th of August is the last day of Obon and Japanese people burn fire to send their ancestors´ souls back to where they rest. This is called Okuribi.

01 Jun

How do you wash rice?

In winter, no one wants to wash rice with cold water but some how, Japanese people are told to do so since child. Is there any particular reason? Why can we not wash it with warm water?

24 Mar

Is Ehomaki good for the environment?

It´s been a while since Ehomaki has become another part of Setsubun in Japan. Despite of sushi industry´s promotion, people are still quite not used to it. And this year, the mass of leftover sushi rolls caught Japanese citizen´s attention.

12 Apr

Let´s make Shiratama – Japanese cooking

The other day I was at my friend´s house and we started making Shiratama, one of the Japanese sweets. It´s similar to mochi but much easier to make as long as you have shiratama flour. Here is the recipe. Let´s try!

09 Jan

Experiencing Hanko Carving in Tokyo

We had an opportunity to experience a hanko carving at Taihodo Seal shop in Tokyo. It was such an unusual and interesting experience. Have a look at our videos.

01 Sep

Japanese TV Drama, Manhattan Love Story

If you are looking for a good laugh, Manhattan Love Story is the one. I guarantee that this gives you a good feeling. Tencho who loves coffee more than anything and never speaks somehow is getting involved everyone´s love relationship including him having one.