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The Japanese wives´ revenge Bento after the fight -Shikaeshi Bento-

Updated: May 10, 2023


It could be like this, variety of side dishes and the word "お疲れさま(good job!)" on the rice. Oh, how sweet! This is called Aisai Bento (愛妻弁当/lunchbox of beloved wife).


Not every married man can have a lovely lunch every day. If they have no obento, they can still get it from a canteen for 1,000 yen... It´s the moment when you realise how expensive the love is.

But now, what happens when the couple has a fight. Japanese women may obedient and modest but they get annoyed and be angry. Of course, Japanese women are also human. After the fight, there are many wives who don´t make obento for the husband but there are some who are quite witty and prefer to revenge with the obento. That is Shikaeshi Bento (仕返し弁当/revenge lunchbox).

She may be very angry but she still makes the husband a lunchbox. So he will know that she doesn´t hate him. OK, that´s a good sign. But remember, she is angry. To express her annoyance and anger, she punishes him with his bento, which is probably the time the husband is usually most looking forward to during his hard working hours.

No. He has to be aware what is waiting for him...

I personally find it cute and occasional Shikaeshi Bento may refresh the relationship to realise how much the couple love each other. Making obento everyday is a hard work especially the wife is also work. However since it´s an everyday thing, it becomes just an habit. I´m sure these mean bento makes husbands realise how important their wives are. Well, I hope so.

1. アホ(aho/idiot) - It´s very direct and no twist.


2. A finger - You will be glad you are not in the Yakuza family...


3. Totally white - Rice and marshmallow aren´t the best combination although it´s beautifully white.


4. Raw egg - Hope it wasn´t in summer for the sake of the food hygiene.


5. Rice with rice - With a broken black heart.


6. It happens in Africa often. What a pity - I don´t know what this arrow means.


7. 呪 (Curse) - At least it´s written in Manga font and in colour.


8. Umeboshi bento - Hope the husband doesn´t have a high blood pressure. Just looking at it, my mouth waters...


9. All yellow - Corn with corn. Moreover, he has to eat with chopsticks. This is an absolute punishment.


10. ゴキジェットプロ (Goki Jet Pro/ the product name for a cockroach spray) - Actually, it has a lot of work to do. The wife describes the husband as a roach.


11. 罪と罰 (Crime and Punishment) - This bento is from the angry mother to her son. The love of the mother is deep but it doesn´t mean we can take advantage of it. She gets angry and does revenge you. What would you do with uncooked rice?


12. Boobs - I can imagine a Sarariiman (サラリーマン/salaryman) opens this bento in the office or the public! How embarrassing it would be. I bet the wife is laughing all day just to think about it. Good job!


Again I think these revenge are just sweet. My favourite ones are corns and chopsticks and uncooked rice from the angry mother. What is your favourite?

If you have a Japanese girlfriend or a wife and if you have ever had a Shikaeshi Bento, please tell us what it was, If you have a photo, even better, please send it to us! We can laugh it away together.

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Suzuran Chosei Yakkyoku :

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